Saturday, June 21, 2008

Modern Pinstripe for Men

I'm blown away by my friend Giles, he's a Fashion Designer, very talented and very good at what he does. He just sent me some pics of a man's suit he just made, it's a grey pinstripe wool jacket with a skirt, the material looks like a metallic sheen. As you can see he made raw edges around the suit with round lapels...nice detailing! He went further by adding chains to link to the buttons. The buttons look like rings and I love the effect. The skirt is full length and the eyelets is really the icing on the cake! This suit reminds me of Jean-Paul Gaultier when he was more adventurous with men's clothes. Since he's started designing for Hermes recently seems that he's designs have watered down for me, from what I've seen that is. In any case, Bravo Giles! If you taking applications for a muse, let me know.

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