Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now and Zen

I felt this image is appropriate for Sunday. Awhile back the Asian Art Museum had an exhibit of Japanese designers, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons and Issey Miyake. The opening party was fun to see the exhibit before anyone else was even better. I was a little disappointed with the scale of the exhibit, I felt there could have been more pieces involved to create a substantal exhibit. It would be nice to have more costume exhibits in San Francisco. 

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haute Heels Deux

I know during these hard economical times women are resorting to accessorizing instead of buying a full outfit. Today I went on a bike ride along upper Polk Street, there's a cute store there called Cris, she carries wonderful clothes for women (mostly) and a small section for men. She has an excellent eye on current trends, she carries everything from Chanel to Balenciaga. We had a talk, and she said Armani isn't selling at all. Makes sense since the urbanist wants the hottest trends from Europe. Ici passe Armani? Apparently Balenciaga and Marni is doing well. I had to take some pictures of her shoe collection(s), it's amazing to see the selection of colours going down the aisle by colour. Here's a red pump is from Lanvin with the white strap, notice the screw on the heel..nice...HOT!

Doo Ri

Recently I found Doo Ri, a Korean American designer based in New York City. I like her line alot, she has a Euro flair in her designs. I saw some of her work at Neiman Marcus and I liked the simplicity and cut. She's captured that style that we want with the European design!

Gay Film Festival

Tonight I went to the Castro to catch another flick, the movie was about gay zombies which cracked me up immediately! Some of the costumes in the movie was really good, come to find out they were designed by Rick Owens. I wondered why one of the characters in the movie looked like he had an Ann Demeulemeester coat. I found a cute guy wearing a military coat with his partner really complimented each other. Giles is wearing his creation, after looking at the detailing I can see why it took him so long to do it, so beautiful!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wow, the Milan collection is on a role for men. First, I have to say I'm getting real tired of looking at size zero men on the runway! I'm happy to see some eye-candy for once! Now let's talk clothes, I really like Prada this season with the transparent rubber coat in that mustard colour that's very kool. I've been getting into some Prada and Miu Miu pieces lately for work and I enjoy the cut and various fabrics she uses. The narrow cut leg is nice too because you can wear some funky cool shoes and show them off like hers on the runway.

Comme des Garcons

Tonight I went to the Castro theatre to watch a film of Project Runway. The film reminded of the times I use to watch the shows in my old apartment on Sutter and Larkin, fun memories back then. I went with my friend Giles and his partner James. Giles is wearing a Comme des Garcons pant/skirt. The design is very well made of heavy creme wool. As you can see half of the pant is a skirt then the material wraps around the front side fully. Very creative and fun at the same time, great design!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dolce & Gabanna

Today I'm lucky to bump into Sonia dressed in Dolce & Gabanna sweater with Jil Sander pants. The trim and round neckline of the cardigan is really nice. I like how she accessorized her Manolo Blahnik shoes with fishnets as a finishing touch! As well as her Hermes belt. This classic look is great from the office to dining. She really has an eye to coordinate things that works as you can see; simple, elegant and pretty all in one...BRAVO, c'est classique!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Christian LeRosier

Several weeks ago I thought I better get some work clothes was my mission. Something more colourful than black. Black is my default colour, I love it. But I felt I needed to embrace colour again but I don't want the ordinary Gap or BR stuff. Something with more jazz that would pick me up when I see it. I found this orange boucle coat for men in this consignment store by a French designer Christian Lerosier. I loved it when I saw it for the colour, material and that the jacket isn't from a big fashion house. Whenever I go to Paris or Europe I try to find things that's not available here in the U.S. for the novelty and uniqueness. As soon as I took this picture I was thinking of a street in the Marais called Rue du Rosier, I wonder if there's a connection with the designer? Probrobly not. I know this coat will go well with jeans, chinos, black and brown pants...lots of scarves; I'm happy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Traveling Destinations

I'm taking French at the Academy of Art during summer. Just one of those classes I have to take. Actually I'm really happy to take it because I do like French. My next birthday will an important one and I've been tossing and turning deciding where to go. Some first ideas is Prague, because they're not on the Euro dollar so that's a good thing. Brussels, because I only spent two hours there traveling from Antwerp to Berlin so we only had dinner there. There's Milan, one of fashion capitals and it would be nice to experience Italy for a change. Back to Paris, I know this city like the back of my hand. This time I know it'll be fun since I'll be traveling alone.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Walter Van Beirendonck

Today I went to MAC to see what they have these days. I met Chris the owner, she looks fabulous in these metallic linen pants with the polka dotted blouse. She showed me some amazing designs from Walter Van Beirendonck. This jacket has so much detailing of embroidery and whimsical fun designs that it all works together. I was so impressed by his work! The embroidery reminds of the traditional Korean dress called Hanbok. We discussed how we do need more independent designers to give new and fresh ideas vs. corporate run companies. MAC carries a lot of Belgium designers i.e. Dries Van Noten, Walter Van Beirendonck and many others. This fashion family has an eye for fresh ideas from Europe, that's what's made them ahead of the others. So if you're ever in Hayes Valley stop by MAC and take a look at their collections for men and women. One the best in the west coast by far.

Modern Pinstripe for Men

I'm blown away by my friend Giles, he's a Fashion Designer, very talented and very good at what he does. He just sent me some pics of a man's suit he just made, it's a grey pinstripe wool jacket with a skirt, the material looks like a metallic sheen. As you can see he made raw edges around the suit with round lapels...nice detailing! He went further by adding chains to link to the buttons. The buttons look like rings and I love the effect. The skirt is full length and the eyelets is really the icing on the cake! This suit reminds me of Jean-Paul Gaultier when he was more adventurous with men's clothes. Since he's started designing for Hermes recently seems that he's designs have watered down for me, from what I've seen that is. In any case, Bravo Giles! If you taking applications for a muse, let me know.

Friday, June 20, 2008

That Bubble Skirt!

This morning rushing to catch the morning train I saw Bert wearing this amazing pale yellow bubble skirt in a crinkle cotton that you wrap the waist several times. She carefully chose a black top that really works well. She admires Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake's work. She looks comfortable and good all in one. Even her bag works well with her outfit!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Le Metro

In a sea of people in the Metro last night in the heat, I was able to find Azmeer wearing a velvet jacket and velvet style pants in black. He was brave to wear such heavy fabric in the heat. He finished his wardrobe with a white scarf that really looks perfect in contrast. I was able to spot him out in a crowd as you can see. His shoes have a suede toe accent and they curl up to exaggerate that area. Looking good even in the heat.

Chinois Chic!

During this heat wave I was lucky to find Linda today. She looks great in her simple black tropical weight wool dress with a belt strap. She accessorized her dress with Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Her shoes is amazing, part patent leather and full leather lace up. They look alot like Balenciaga shoes several seasons ago, very Parisian! She looks great from head to toe! Bravo!

Colored Socks for Men

I have been looking for colored socks for a week now and I'm exhausted in this town! From Macy's to BR (Banana Republic) to NM (Neiman Marcus) and no one has them. The colours are black, brown, tan, white and grey on display. What happened to colour?? This frustration will turn to shopping on-line very soon! I know if I was in Europe I could go into Gallerie LaFayette or Bon Marche department store to find the rainbow of selection from socks to scarves for men. Why is it our European counterparts so open to colour vs. American men are colourphobic? The roots of "traditional" men's clothes is safe when it comes to such colours as black, blue and greys in business as well as casual. I think Ralph Lauren did a good job introducing colours to his collections a long time ago as he launched the preppy look. As you know going beyond these colour schemes, maybe too challenging for some. For others, let's live a little and buy some cool canary yellow socks!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dutch Treat

Here's Gisella from Amsterdam wearing a brown linen hankerchief skirt with a beige top, she dressed her outfit with amber and rose quartz necklace which works well. Her shoes remind me of YSL when Tom Ford was running the show. Very organic in design and chic. I enjoy seeing this Euro look that Gisella has done that the Dutch can do so well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gay Marriage

Changing the topic right now. A long time ago, I found this image at Different Light Book Store. I loved this image once I saw it, the two men walking together hand in hand down this road that's eternal. I kept it, because somehow I want to experience this one day in my life with someone special. I'm so excited to hear this news that two men or women can celebrate this legal bond in California. It's been a long time now that we can really be with a partner for "life". We now can go beyond just wearing rings and letting our friends and family know that something so sacred can be shared between two people. Moreso, not just love, but respect, giving, listening, friendship, supporting, appreciation, trust, sense of humor, empathy, and passion will make a loving relationship work for a long time!

Ralph Lauren

Finally the Castro has a cute consignment shop for men called Sui Generis. They carry a nice selection of vintage to designers i.e. Jil Sander, Miu Miu, D&G and more. I would check them out if your looking for something unique or fun. Located on Market at Noe, this cute store has reasonable prices for that one-of-a-kind piece. Check out their Hermes ties by the way....

Miguel, the dashing owner is wearing Ralph Lauren Black Label suit. He complimented the suit with a pair of tan loafers that looks good and a summer necktie. He's definetly got an eye for style and I would ask him for advise if you ever need help on what to wear.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

April in Paris!

Today I went biking riding along Clement Street and I see this boutique called April in Paris. I had to check it out, this boutique took me to Paris instantly, this kind of store would be tucked away along some tiny street in the Marais. The bags and shoes remind me so much of the Parisians making their own label in the fashion industry. The designs are very Parisian from handbags to shoes for men and women! I had my dose of Paris today and it's a wonderful feeling inside...c'est magnifique!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grey Shoes

I can't believe I found these Dries Van Noten grey shoes! You never see this colour of shoes in canvas with a crepe sole. Perfect for jeans or dress pants. I got my fashion fix today!

Streets of San Francisco

In Union Square I bumped into Thomas visiting from Denmark, very cute with a dashing scarf ready to hit the streets to shop and dine. Nice work Thomas! I wonder if he's single and gay?

I went into this gallery and I met this woman with a cool 60's pattern dress with gladiator shoes that really works well together. You can't go wrong with vintage especially when it's this good. 

Hayes Valley has an upbeat downtown style that I like. Over there is a great pizzaria called Paxti's, I recommend it highly by the way. Tara the owner is wearing a cute outfit that she bought in Hayes Valley, I like the earth tones of the browns including fabric pattern and cut of the pants. 

Today I bumped into my friend Hellyn and Addy. They're off to a wedding and she wanted to show me her new dress by Chloe and Jil Sander shoes. I love the colour and cut of the dress with the pleats and ribs of fabric on the bottom half really creates personality in a dress.  The heather grey shoes has a nice contrast with the blue. The shoe design reminds of Capizeo shoes but hotter looking.