Thursday, June 19, 2008

Colored Socks for Men

I have been looking for colored socks for a week now and I'm exhausted in this town! From Macy's to BR (Banana Republic) to NM (Neiman Marcus) and no one has them. The colours are black, brown, tan, white and grey on display. What happened to colour?? This frustration will turn to shopping on-line very soon! I know if I was in Europe I could go into Gallerie LaFayette or Bon Marche department store to find the rainbow of selection from socks to scarves for men. Why is it our European counterparts so open to colour vs. American men are colourphobic? The roots of "traditional" men's clothes is safe when it comes to such colours as black, blue and greys in business as well as casual. I think Ralph Lauren did a good job introducing colours to his collections a long time ago as he launched the preppy look. As you know going beyond these colour schemes, maybe too challenging for some. For others, let's live a little and buy some cool canary yellow socks!

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