Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dries Van Noten

Okay, it's been hard to decide the other designers for men, I'm torn between Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten actually. After being in his store in Antwerp, I liked alot of his colours and materials he uses, fun and stylish all in one. I have a pair of his shoes I aways get compliments on because their unique and that's why we do love our designers, don't we, to be unique! Besides, his sizing really works if your average size. This season I see alot of good designs coming out of Italy vs. France. More fun and more daring. Besides the fit of French fashion is a size zero if you can fit into it. I think that's why Karl Lagerfeld shed all his weight to fit into that Dior suit by Heidi Slimane. Moreso, I see more feminine side of French fashion now and that's fine but I do like fit, colour and texture.

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