Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haute Heels Deux

I know during these hard economical times women are resorting to accessorizing instead of buying a full outfit. Today I went on a bike ride along upper Polk Street, there's a cute store there called Cris, she carries wonderful clothes for women (mostly) and a small section for men. She has an excellent eye on current trends, she carries everything from Chanel to Balenciaga. We had a talk, and she said Armani isn't selling at all. Makes sense since the urbanist wants the hottest trends from Europe. Ici passe Armani? Apparently Balenciaga and Marni is doing well. I had to take some pictures of her shoe collection(s), it's amazing to see the selection of colours going down the aisle by colour. Here's a red pump is from Lanvin with the white strap, notice the screw on the heel..nice...HOT!

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