Saturday, August 9, 2014

Debbie's Style Profile

Debbie's Style Profile in Paris

Who is your favorite designers and why?
Favorite designer?!.....Hummm it may change over the seasons..Yet, when I pick up a new item or I say I like a certain piece of clothing it always has something in common and that is a Yohji Yamamoto detail... So I definitely say I really Like the real Yohji Yamamoto style. The reason: While you look at a certain piece of clothing you dont see it but look carefully and you will see the YY detail that makes all the difference. That being said I also like very much Biyan from Indonesia and DVN.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
Right now I have two favorite piece of clothing. A Biyan spring coat and a YY Borsalino hat..

When did you start liking clothes?
As far as I remember I liked clothes... but I think that my taste for minimalism was shaped while living in Japan..

What is on your wish list?
Right now, the number one on my wish list is a "Maison Michel" Borsalino hat...

Do you like shirt, jacket, pants or shoes more?
I think shoes are my favorite but not without a nice coat/ jacket to go with....

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