Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Europe has embraced the art of eyewear. They have captured an audience that has to wear glasses..fashionable glasses at that. These glasses don't have to be boring and dull at all. Colour, design, mix materials, really work well when it all comes together in good design. Brands such as Alain Mikli, Anne Valentin, IDC, Theo from Belgium are making waves on planet eyes. I have worn glasses all my life and I know some of you have as well. Now eyewear is fun and fabulous! 


Jonny said...

Very nice!
I'm Jonny by the way,
I came across your blog while browsing.
And i'm glad I did because I like it.
Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
I'd greatly appreciate it.
- Jonny

lee said...

hi jonny,
thanks, i'm glad you like my blog. i am focusing on men and women, from classic to the avante garde streetwear. enjoy!