Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tokio Kumagai avec Foullard

I'm so excited today, I found a pair of socks I have looking for a long time. I  bought these Tokio Kumagai socks in Harajuku. I love them for the design. This was a time when I was with my boyfriend James and we would travel throughout Japan from Tokyo to Nagasaki, good memories of cabs with automatic door openers to shopping in Shibuya. One day I want to visit Tokyo and Seoul but I gotta get Europe out of system first. Speaking of Europe, I am finally embracing colour now; I took a pic of my scarves and I'm enjoying seeing the colour scale.  I do love the way the French uses the foullard (scarf), so much of the part of their culture. Although I can't seem to find a big scarves, hard to find here in the U.S. If you know where I can find large scarves, let me know.

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