Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Shades Of Great Party

On Friday night, Sui Generis hosted a venue celebration for J.D. Elquist (top picture) for his new menswear blog The Shades Of Great. As time ticked, the fashionable men arrived, with their stylish female or male friends or partners, mixing their plaid pattern shirt with bow ties, velvet slippers with bare ankles, rolled pants with loafers, navy blazer with espadrilles, dress shorts with dress shirt and tie. A visual fashion feast for anyone that enjoys menswear. 

For the first time ever in the Castro, I was impressed to see men making the effort to create a look--a complete head to toe look I might add. Giving credit to the well-dressed men really made an impression. From pocket squares to bare ankles, this party was a party--a fashionable party at that, Bravo J.D.!


Anonymous said...

nice pics. gs

damon said...

Where is this shop?

Lee said...

Hi Damon,
The store is located on Market Street near Noe.

Sui Generis
2265 Market Street