Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lab Fashion Show Review

Alexandria von Bromssen

Scatha Allison (Left)

Matty Merrill of Distilled

The Lab located on 16th Street and Mission featuring local indie fashion designers collaborating to showcase the San Francisco fashion scene to auction their designs on Friday night. The indie vibe was in the air to create flair from jewelry accessories to apparel but with a twist--striptease and auction. Some designers really stood out for their professional workmanship and designs.

Alexandria von Bromssen, a Swedish designer showed her rich tapestry-like jackets with brocade designs in soft hues. Her triangle shaped halter top with a hood is shown gives a new take in cut. Her runway piece explores modern sensibility, the empire waist with clear plastic overlay with contrasting materials to create texture and design.

Scatha Allision a.k.a. Miss Velvet Creme uses recycled fabrics from old lace to hand painted fabrics she makes herself to make a line that stands out from the rest. Her designs reflects retro 60's fabrics to current designs sparks vibrantly. She has a eye for visual fabrics to incorporate them in her designs. Color is one of her many strengths.

Matty Merrill of Distilled featured his menswear line with a modern take with his jackets using hardware as buttons. His shirts has several rows of buttons instead of one, choosing to make it either tighter or looser or off track. His palettes are soft or vivid colours depending upon your mood. The workmanship is excellent.

In conclusion, this show really played out by showcasing the local designers in San Francisco. A strong stance of independent designers really created a presence verses corporate designs which we usually see everyday. Where individualism is their brand identity felt fluid in this venue in craft, design, style which evoked completely. More so, the exposure to meet these designers in person to see their work(s), giving the audience an intimate environment, a variety to chose from.


Anonymous said...

nice work lee. gs

Lee said...

Thanks Giles, Thanks for coming to the vent and sharing your design thoughts!


matty m. said...

Thanks Lee!

Anonymous said...

that's a cool shot of me with the Alexandria top, thanks!

miss velvet cream said...

Heheheheeee Lee!
I design for miss velvet cream and cut + sew everything in my SOMA studio. Angela Scrivani is my fabulous photographer
And I think this means you need to come for a studio visit....SOON!
Thanks for the GREAT SHOTS!