Monday, August 18, 2008

Yohji Yamamoto

Over the weekend I was surprised to find a Yohji Yamamoto shirt. The shirt has a removable white collar and you can move the collar to the placket. How fun is that! Feels like I'll have 2 shirts in one, actually three; the collarless shirt is always an option. I don't have any black cotton shirts from him so this is really going to be special for me. I feel his designs have an artistic/creative edge as well as maturity in mind. Awhile back at Saks I asked the salesman who buys Yohji Yamamoto and he said usually doctors and architects. 

There is an older man I see on occasion, he wears Yohji Yamamoto from head to toe. I hope one day I'll see him so I can take a picture. He sat next to me once on the bus and I told him how much I like YY and he was impressed I knew. Crossing fingers!

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