Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Shopping

Today I went to Japantown and Union Square with my friend Giles, found a magazine in Kinokuniya that's got the new Comme des Garcons & Louis Vuitton bags. Went to Barney's to check out the Rick Owens for men....

I like what Alfie did with his scarf, that got my attention at Neiman Marcus. The vest and t-shirt is a good combo.

Ran's necklace is cool, that caught my eye. I like the leggings and skirt look. I just noticed the 3 older men in the background in tuxedos..charming picture to see.

Giles is wearing alot of fun buttons on his jacket, the stripes on the shirt cuffs is nice detailing.

Finally a picture of me in a Yohji Yamamoto jacket.

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